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  Grapho-Lab Services

Document / Handwriting Examination & Analysis

      Questioned Handwriting    1.   Forensic  Document  /  Handwriting  Examination

      Trait Profiles    2.   Trait - Behavioral - Aptitude   /   Linguistic  Profiles

      Contact / Payment    --   Contact   /   Payment  Options             About K. J. Davies    K. J. Davies

Hawkeye Studios, Grapho-Lab services:  providing expert examination and analysis of documents / handwriting, for determination of identity, authenticity, forgery, fraud, alteration or for behavioral profiles from any documents bearing handwriting or hand printing.  The examiner, Kenneth J. Davies, has been court-qualified in numerous cases to provide forensic expert witness testimony.     ( Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are also able to serve other locales, from Halifax to Vancouver, including Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Lethbridge, Edmonton  ---  and may also accept US and international cases. )

                     contact / payment info.             SERVICES                        about: K. J. Davies

    This website is intended as an informative guideline to our services, but does not constitute legal advice..
                                   *** For any legal questions, please consult an attorney at law ***

1.   Questioned Documents                             [ contact / pay't. info contact info ]

[  forensic examination & analysis  ]       [ fee base $ 160.00 CAD or USD per hr. ]

Whether it is a signature on a cheque, a handwritten codicil to a will, an anonymous letter, or any other document in which the authorship of the handwriting or of the signature is questioned or contested (forgery), the handwriting may be analyzed and compared to a known, trusted sample (exemplar) to make a determination as to authorship or authenticity. 

In some cases there is a question as to whether a document has been altered.  Paper and ink are both three-dimensional media.  Any attempts, therefore, at physical alteration of documents, handwriting or signatures, even when carefully disguised, must physically disrupt the paper, the original ink, as well as the relationship of ink to paper.  Such alteration may be detected through microscopic examination, and with the support of  task-specific lighting and imaging techniques. 

Our proven three-stage Grapho-Lab Examinations comprise:

  • Macroscopic Profiling  to characterize each handwriting or font sample.  
  • Optical / Digital Microscopy  w/ UV, IR and spectral analysis.
  • High-Res Micrography  for extended examination and review.

Note:   Ink / Paper Analysis,  Linguistic Analysis, Latent Fingerprint Disclosure  and other adjunctive forensics may be made available when deemed supportive to your case.

The physical integrity, chain of custody, security and confidentiality of all submitted documents is conscientiously preserved while in our care.

Our "On-Location" examination services may be made available in such cases where documents cannot be released directly to our custody.

Expert Testimony:  Handwriting examiner Kenneth J. Davies may provide court-qualified expert testimony in support of his examinations.  Where location is time/cost prohibitive, video deposition is an available option.

         contact / payment info      Some Document Guidelines:

The most definitive analytic results may derive from an examination of original (and similar type) documents.  However, when some or all of the documents must be submitted as facsimiles (copies), please submit optimal (best available) and earliest-generation (oldest) copies available.

An Examination for Determination of Authorship requires that we receive, along with the questioned document, some documents for comparison (exemplars) which contain writing or signatures that are known to be genuine.  We can advise you as to the type, the number, and the form of exemplars that should be provided.

An Examination for Determination of Alteration has varying requirements, depending upon the nature of the questioned documents.  Please consult us regarding document submission requirements in each particular case.

         contact / payment info      Our Report:

A verbal report, or a letter of preliminary results, or a formal report with referenced exhibits, as appropriate to your requirements, may be issued following an examination.  When required for court filing and preparation for expert testimony, our formal report will include a Summary Statement of Results, a Statement of the Examiner's Qualifications, and may include a notarized Statutory Declaration or Affidavit.

         contact / payment info      Timeframe:

Turnaround time for a completed report will vary, depending upon our extant case commitments and the specific requirements of any particular analysis.  In any case, we will estimate a working time frame both for the completion of the analysis and delivery of our report.

         contact / payment info      Our Fees:

Prior to undertaking an examination, we will quote a flat fee based on the estimated requirements of the examination, the report preparation and report inclusions, at $160.00 per hour.   Court time, if required, will be quoted at the same hourly rate, plus any significant related expenses.

Our quoted fee must be paid prior to beginning an examination, to avoid any appearance of monetary influence on the outcome, which is, and must be seen to be, an unbiased forensic analysis of the submitted documents.

( All non-Canadian clients will be quoted in USD )                                                       [ contact / pay't. info Contact info ]


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2.   Trait / Behavioral  Profiling               contact / payment info.   

[  occupational  /  clinical  /  investigative  ]          [ fee base $ 160.00 CAD or USD per hr. ]

An individual's handwriting is, in effect, a graphic representation of the patterns of that person's mind, as it pertains to traits, aptitudes, emotions and characteristic response to people, environment or circumstance.

Grapho-Analysis is one of the more specific of the behavioral, trait, and aptitude assessment tools that may be utilized for occupational, clinical or investigative application.

In occupational application, individuals and their companies both benefit from an assessment of individual strengths and aptitudes.

In clinical application, our assessments are available to support the work of psychologists and other such qualified counselors.

In investigative application, such profiles can contribute substantively to an investigation, and may also be used consultatively in jury selection.

Profile Analyses are available as follows:

  • SIGNATURE  ANALYSIS  ( signature only )
  • TEXT  ANALYSIS  ( body of writing )
  • TEXT  &  SIGNATURE  ( with full comparative analysis )  

The most detailed assessments are obtained from original samples; however, useful profiles can also be obtained from facsimiles (copies).  Please first consult us for guidelines if you intend to provide handwriting or signature samples that are created specifically for the analysis.

If known, please include the following information about the writer of a sample:  age,  gender,  left / right-handed,  physical / sight impairments.

Note:  Forensic Linguistic Analysis  may also be made availabe as a collaborative or referred service if deemed to be of special value or support to your case.

Our quoted fee is required in full to begin an analysis.

 ( All non-Canadian clients will be quoted in USD )                                               [ contact / pay't. info Contact info ]

           American Society for Industial Security  American College of Forensic Examiners Institute   Int'l. Graphoanalysis Society    acfe       Kenneth John Davies   B.Sc  C.Ga   QDE/CFC ACFE

                                                                                                                         Examiner, Questioned Documents / Handwriting & Signatures

                                                                                                                                                             View Kenneth Davies's profile on LinkedIn


Beginning with investigative document work within government and in the insurance industry, Kenneth John Davies brings professional objectivity, strict confidentiality and expertise acquired over several decades in document examination, handwriting and signatures, and in the provision of court-qualified forensic expert witness testimony.

              "The light of knowledge shall guide me to the truth, and with justice the truth shall prevail"
-- The Creed of The Forensic Examiner

"... I wish to thank you for your assistance to (name) as I am certain that your analysis report was a factor in the accused realizing that he had made an error in refuting the signature as his own."
                                                    -- Robert Beck, Crown Prosecutor, Edmonton

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To discuss your requirements, to obtain a fee quote, or to retain our services and submit documents for examination, you may contact us confidentially by e-mail, phone, fax, or regular mail:                        

          Hawkeye Studios     ( Grapho-Lab Services )

          75 Bernard Drive NW,  Calgary, Alberta, Canada   T3K 2B5

                      phone:   403.295.3556         ( fax:   403.398.1522 )

           E-mail  service@hawkeyestudios.com   or click  >>    e-mail: "service@hawkeyestudios.com"

     Note:  Email enquiries may receive more prompt and detailed response than phone messages. )

When you have our fee quote, you can make payment -- concurrent with your document submission --  by one of the following means:

>   law firm trust cheque  /  personal cheque   

       payable to Hawkeye Studios, together with documents submission

>   secure on-line bank  Interac*  e-transfer

service@hawkeyestudios.com   email address

* Submission of documents may be  in person by appointment  or by courier delivery (especially if original documents may be included)  -- or --  via email attachment  option in the case of submission only of photocopies.

Please inquire if in doubt about what to submit and how best to make your documents submissions.

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